by Cynthia Johnson on February 16, 2015

 Sometimes when I am sleeping, my dreams become visions and wake me suddenly.  Typically they are of future events and at times are unsettling. I take it as an opportunity to visualize the situation healed, and to ask the Angels for their help.   I have no control over the images that play across my mind, often it is something random I don’t even care or think much about; like who will win the super bowl or the weather.. I accepted a long time ago, the truth is neither good nor bad it just is.  So often we look for the truth outside of ourselves and end up disillusioned and misled, much like our quest for perfect and true love.

Before I became involved in energy work, I always had an interest in health and healing. I scoured over many books and publications I even subscribed to medical newsletters.  It continues to puzzle me why so many suffer with ill health and the mystery of why some people recover and others don’t.  Some research suggests that our body’s natural state is a roller coaster of illness and health always striving to reach a state of homeostasis; a state of peace and well being.  It seems how we deal with the periods of illness determines whether we return to a healthy state or become chronically ill.  For instance, if you take a pill to mask an injury so you can continue to exercise or play a sport, you are fighting against your own body.  If you give your body what it needs, proper rest and perhaps medical attention you are more likely to recover and return to a state of wellness. .At times we seem to be ashamed to have an illness, as if we have done something wrong, perhaps we feel old when something hurts or we get stiff joints or muscles, it seems easy to fall into a state of denial when something is not right.

Our relationships when it comes to love wax and wane much like our health. We expect them to be wonderful all the time, and like our health, it’s just not possible. Let’s face it, love anything, and we run the risk of having our heart split wide open and broken.  Love makes us vulnerable.  We can easily drift out too far onto the sea of love and into deep  water, we can get lost and almost drown, than find we are floating again on smooth seas eventually rising up onto peaks of incredible bliss and euphoria.  I believe whether relationships survive depends largely on how we choose to respond during the storms that make or break a relationship– equally important is taking the time to recognize, celebrate and savor the high points.  And so I say to you– perfect love, it can’t be found.  Don’t search for it, it’s not out there. It can only be found inside of each of us.  Only then are you able to see it in someone else, and when you do, you are seeing your own love being reflected back, but it is not separate, it is not theirs to give to you, it is not yours to give to them, it can only be recognized and in that recognition it becomes magnified and that is the most powerful force in the entire world.

Just like when our bodies become ill, true healing lies within us, and only with rest, proper nourishment and medicines does healing occur.  The same holds true within our relationships with those we love.  When our relationships become ill or neglected, if we choose to ignore the signals you stand the chance of drifting apart; the further out, the harder it is to find your way back.  I find it interesting that we call marrying “tying the knot”— why should we do that to any relationship??  Sounds like a kink in an otherwise flowing vein of love.  I have been married for a while but often I tell people—we are together in spite of the fact we are married, that title is not enough.  We are not tied together in a knot as is so often referred, there is no connection to where it begins or ends,   it’s just there—-always.  We are not perfect but the love we share is.

Each and every one of us go through periods of loss and heartache, sickness and pain and in those times we may not feel loved – but in reality, it is when we are empty of love that we can not see it in others, this is simply an illusion cast by the shadows and the perplexities of life–our lives are not perfect, but love always is. Please don’t look for perfection in the manifest world or in the object of your love.  It does not exist. If you strive for it, I promise you it will deplete you in the struggle to achieve what is not out there to achieve, leaving you feeling empty and confused.  Love without an object is perfect and radiates outward penetrating everything around it like the sun.

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult if you are not where you want to be—too often it lights up relationships that have become weak and even can place a pressure to perform—a relationship report card of sorts. I was talking to a friend last week who said it’s so difficult being single on Valentine’s Day because they are not with anyone special.  I almost feel like it is a single person’s day, more than people in relationships, when I think of Valentine’s Day I think of secret loves and crushes, hand written poems and anonymous cards warming the heart of someone and taking a chance at love.  If you find yourself this weekend alone or feeling lonely, give yourself the love you so wish for from another, we come into this world with it and will merge back into it again upon leaving.  If we could find that space, just upon entry and exit and widen it so no one would ever feel without love again, maybe, just maybe, the world would become perfect.  For now, let’s try to share the perfect love we all have with each other and perhaps in the not too distant future, there will stop being spaces between the love and we will be one with the world.



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