My Story

“  Healing the One Within You,

Since the Beginning of the Century,

To Live a Purpose Driven Life.”


Ten years ago, I barely had the energy to wake up.  I was ill but had no diagnosis as all of my tests were returned as “normal”.  I felt alone with no purpose and I really was not sure if my body was going to continue to support a life here much longer – my spirit was dying. My son had just finished school in Boston, and was on his way to LA and into the entertainment industry, my daughter was growing away from our home and starting a life out on her own, and I never felt worse, physically or spiritually. I remember one afternoon, I was at the local health food store, looking for an answer to my health issues, when the woman behind the counter asked me why I did not try an energy healing from a local MD, and I replied, “What’s an energy healing?”  Like most of the people that now find their way to my office, I replied – I will try anything at this point…  I was so down that I had no expectations. I did go and see her and as I returned to a balanced state of wellness I realized a chapter of my life had finished, but the book was far from over, and in fact was just getting juicy! The energy work had opened up a gift within me I never knew was there.  I became more and more aware that many people were just like me and were searching for something, and like myself, what they were looking for was them selves or a part of themselves they left somewhere – maybe at a job, or in a relationship or even within an illness.  I realized that I could help people reconnect to themselves again just like I did. And so I practiced on family and friends and my success quickly spread to their families and friends.  Currently I have a fulltime private practice and my life now, barely resembles what it was ten years ago, I, like many other people was afraid to turn the page, and sadly, many people have not even cracked their book open.  Our lives can become a series of expectations and over identifying with the labels we, and others have placed upon us, be it the label of mother, father, son, daughter, employee, boss, or even the label of a disease. These labels are pasted over who we are underneath, covering up the beauty that lies within our own uniqueness.

At present we all are finding ourselves at a pivotal time in history, a time when it un- acceptable and intolerable to be unhappy – at least on a constant daily basis.  The world seems to be one of those places where no one wants to be here, but no one wants to leave either.  I think because each one of us has a small piece of the earthly puzzle we brought with us on the day we were born.  This gift is not ours for our self it is our gift to the world.  Keeping it inside is not what was originally intended and frankly feels just plain awful.  At some point we begin to realize that we must become what it is we wish to see in the world.  Can you imagine just for one day if each one of us, became whom we truly are and who we originally intended to be?   The world would become true and loving.  It would become centered, based on integrity and the integration of talents and thoughts.  And the six billion pieces would fit together and we would…in that one moment, be complete, together and we would see the big picture and our place in it.

Do you find yourself trying to solve your own personal puzzle and can’t seem to find the piece that is missing?  Maybe that which is missing is you.  Come see me at Cynthia’s Room to Heal, your gift is waiting…

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