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Your personal and custom flower blend will be developed to meet your emotional and physcial needs and will be created just for you.

I hold a high level of success with treating many emotinal and phsyical disorders including but not limited to: Anxiety, PTSD, Grief, Digestive Issues, Allergies, Headaches, ADHD and ADD, Panic Attacks, Fears – general or related and Nightmares and Sleep Disorders.


The Flower Formula is taken orally and usually under the tongue to acheive the quickest results.  Additionally the flowers can be put into a spray bottle and can be misted onto people who may not be able to take by mouth, including infants and children.   It can also be placed in bathwater or in beverages.   Beginning suggested dosage is 4xdaily for Adults and for children I usually recommend before school, after school and before bed.  In addition the flowers should be taken at anytime during the day or night when one feels the emotions being treated peaking – i.e. a panic attack or nightmare!  In the begining stages of Flower Therapy, it has been my experience, that people go through the first bottle quickly, sometimes in a week.  This is normal and healthy!  This begins to slow down as a stabilizing effect takes place over a period of weeks, or a few months, depending on the severity of symptoms.  It has also been my experience that positive results are achieved rather quickly, and therapy usually subsides or is no longer needed after a this period. Some individiuals choose to enjoy the positive effects of Flower Therapy by continuing their work with me by tweaking their blends to address other “issues” that often reveal themselves during the theraputic and healing process.  You cannot overdose, nor will they interfere with any other prescription medication or supplement you may be currently taking.   They work alongside of other treatment protocols. If you are on prescription medications of any kind including anti – depressants, anti- anxiety, please do not stop taking your medication, often people feel so much better they feel they can stop their meds.   This is a dangerous idea!  Any change in medication should be done by the attending physician!

The connection between body and spirit is so closely related that when the emotional needs are not being met or when the spirit suffers, the body reacts with pain and illness. A good example of this connection can be found in the stomach.  The stomach will actually produce strong acids to “digest” a serious personal issue as if you had ingested a large spicy meal.   Which can eventuallly result in gastrointestinal ulcers, or the “executive’s ulcer”. By healing the emotions, the stomach stops reacting and in this way the digestive system begins a healing process.  This is not a replacement for medical treatment, but is an adjunct to conventional, allopathic and holistic treatment protocols.

The effects of Flower Therapy are gentle and safe, and bring the emotions back in balance, allowing the body, mind and spirit to achieve a state of wellness.  There are no known harmful or dangerous side effects.  Always consult your attending physician before beginning any treatment program and I would be happy to work with your doctor or therapist.  This is not a replacement for medical treatment, but is an adjunct to conventional, allopathic and holistic treatment protocols.


Available alcohol free for children and alcohol sensitive individuals!

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Stomach Blend

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Good Kitty Blend

Anxiety Blend

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