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I have been offereing energy therapy for over 8 years professionally.  The energy sessions I offer are similar in style to Reiki and Healing Touch.  While these modalities are quite effective, I have found the best service I can provide to my clients is one based on the highly personal and private needs of each individual.   The therapy offered at Room to Heal is based on the very specific needs of each person.  As in many other healing modalities, I work within the body’s chakras or energy system.  These are also known as our feeling centers or – the emotions.

Over the past 9 years, I have developed a reputation for being highly effective, especially when all other treatments have been exhausted.  What I have learned – is that to truly recover from disease whether mental or physical – one must recover the spirit, or energy system.  Our energy field gets sick before our physical body, the energy field is a template for the physical body.  When the energy systems health is restored, our physical body corrects itself, this is the state of true balance.

The therapy at Room to Heal is unsurpassed in its effectiveness when engaged in its energy therapy treatment program.   It is also highly effective as a supplement to cognitive psychiatric treatment programs.

Limited daytime slots available for energy therapy, and currently, I have a waiting list for evening or Saturday appointments.

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list please send your request to

“Experience an Energy Healing with Cynthia, and experience a reconnection to yourself.”

Energy Therapy by appointment only.  Call Cynthia @ 410-322-5297, please DO leave a message if no answer.



Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Cancer, Chronic Disease and more.


Magnified Healing ™

Magnified Healing ™

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Bach Flower Therapy

NOTE:  All “table work” performed at Cynthia’s Room to Heal is done on the Amethyst Biomat.

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