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A message from Cynthia,


I have studied health and alternative treatments for over twenty years. Within that period of time, I discovered I had a unique gift of helping others heal from pain and disease, reconnecting them to their spirit, facilitating a return to balance and a state of wellness. Although similar in the way it is given and received, it is not Reiki.  Combining my natural abilities with the many techniques I have been trained in allows me to gently guide a person back to a place of balance and wellness.  I think life itself sometimes cuts us off from the very spirit of our being, causing illness, disease and needless suffering.  Feeling shut down, without a purpose, a feeling of being lost, even when surrounded by loved ones, are all symptoms of a closed or blocked energy system.  This work, quite simply reconnects us to ourselves, allowing for balance to return within our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, this is our natural state – one of good health and bliss.


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~Energy Therapy – Chakra Diagnosis & Balancing~  ~Custom Flower Remedies~


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Master Teacher and Facilitator of Magnified Healing ®

 Facilitator of Magnified Healing Third Phase ®

Ama Deus ®

 Levels l & ll

Signature Cell Healing™

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                  and a reconnection with yourself.

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