You are amazing!!!!You must have connected with son, because my wife and I have noticed a VERY significant change in him.

He seems more comfortable with himself.He seems more considerate and more helpful over the last couple of days.That has caused us to love him more and reconnect and we are amazed.I can’t believe it!I can’t begin to thank you for all that you have done, you’ve saved me, now our son. Thank you so much!

~Samuel R.

Dear Cynthia

Just wanted to thank you again for today’s session……It was even better than I had hoped……I’m still kind of floating on my own little cloud knowing that there are so many angels protecting little old me……I’m so glad God has put you in my life at this time to help me further learn my real purpose here……I’ve always thought I’d like to be some kind of healer, but not exactly in the conservative form……I’m looking forward to a bright and exciting relationship with you and my angels……You’re such a doll……Take care, God bless……Berta K.


I just had to email you.  I have been walking most days for one half an hour, and or course you know in flat shoes- tennis shoes- and I have expected to feel ankle pain…but nothing.  I can dig into my ankles and there is no tenderness, no soreness, no pain whatsoever.  It is just incredible to me.  I have always had a hard time with tennis shoes, because I could never find a pair that did not dig into my achilles.  And if I would do alot of walking, my ankles would kill me.  I have NO pain at all.  I still have the lumps, but no pain.

I just wanted to say…thanks.  It took a long time, but it was so subtle, and it worked.  I think if I do ever feel pain in my achilles again, I will know that something else is going on in my life.  For some reason, it shows up there for me.  Strange, huh?  Maybe it has to do with that old saying about your “achilles heel”Thanks, Lucille B.

Words can not express my gratitude for your positive influence in my son’s life as well as mine.Life around here is slowly getting better.You truly are an angel on earth.You are very special and kind.May the gifts you have given to others come back to you tenfold.

Laura G.

Cynthia ,

Today is the eleventh day of practicing Magnified Healing and I wanted to thank you for this very special lesson. It has been a learning experience.

The thoughts I was given were that this was a clearing of the body’s many toxins, physical and emotional.

At the end of today’s meditation, I saw all my deceased loved ones gather around me to celebrate this milestone and offer love and support as I continue on. It was a wonderful feeling. Even the ones that I had a difficult relationship with were there, and thanks to Kwan Yin, we shared love and happiness.

Thank you again. You are a very special teacher.


Denise R.

My Dearest Cynthia,
To say thank you would never be enough. Having you in my life had changed my entire world for the better. I came to you confused and without direction. You helped me find clarity and answers to questions that have plagued me for years. The healing I have found with your help will help me and all I come in contact with each day. My spirituality was waiting to take flight. It soars because of you. I hope you know that without you in my life, it would have taken me years to find my true direction into self knowing. I call all my angels each day to love and keep you safe and happy. You deserve all they can offer.
My love always,
Jackie :)

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